About Me

I was born in a broken down shack in the middle of nowhere and raised by wolves because my parents (Elvis and Madonna) were too busy to take care of someone as demanding awesome as me. When I was 14 I was discovered by Steven Spielberg who was making a documentary about unruly teenagers and the wild animals that raise them. I was ripped from the paws of my loving wolf mama and taken to Hollywood where I was forced to take a bath so I could appear on the Dr. Phil show. He asked me a bunch of questions but I didn't understand his language so mostly I just sat under my chair howling from time to time. Apparently this was funny because people laughed and I was sent off to New York City. I spent the next 10 years trying to make a show called "Saturday Night Live" funny again. I failed. I did, however, learn to use a fork.

This is all obviously fiction but it's more entertaining than the true story as I live a relatively boring life. My name is Stacie although I am known to many as Tisha. I live in the United States in Georgia with a house full of cats. I am a former singer/songwriter/musician but the closest I get to any of that nowadays is singing in the car. I enjoy karaoke but rarely get to do that anymore since any place hosting it does so at night and I'm afraid of the dark. =D

I'm also a graphic artist and enjoy making tiny 50x50 pieces of "art" called avatars for the pet site Marapets. I also help run an ongoing art contest over there and sometimes help out with other art projects as needed.

I'm a very creative person and love scrapbooking, crocheting, painting, making jewelry, working with polymer clay and needlework.

I like to visit with friends and family and embarrass myself in public. I've gotten quite good at the latter. I love my cats. I love taking pictures of my cats. I love sharing pictures of my cats. I love posting pictures of my cats online. Yes, I am that person. I will be single forever.

That's all I have. I can give no more. If you have a question for me or are interested in being paid to be my friend, please contact me.